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Make the Perfect Pathway by Adding Concrete Pavers to Your Backyard

paver pathway

Whether you are looking for a convenient pathway to prevent your feet from becoming muddy in the rain or are striving for the ultimate in outdoor elegance, making a pathway in your backyard using concrete pavers can create a dramatic improvement in the look and feel of your yard. Concrete pavers of various shapes and sizes can make a striking aesthetic pattern and complement the arrangement of plants and trees. In addition, a pathway is useful and shields your feet from dirt and mud. Making a pathway can be an enjoyable project that is worth the investment of time.

When laying down a pathway, choose your pavers well. Take some time and browse through several shapes, sizes and brands of concrete pavers. Keep in mind that these pavers interlock differently, and discuss with an expert what thickness is right for your area. When you have chosen the pavers, sketch out the area you want to build the pathway and mark it with chalk or string. Measure the height and depth of the area you are working with to determine how to work with the space. Start excavating the space for the pathway. This digging will be deep or shallow depending on the size of the concrete pavers you want to place there. It helps to have a friend give you a hand with the digging.

Once the area has been excavated, place gravel in the space and tamp it down very well. Place a special fabric down in the area as a foundation for the sand or cement. Make sure the sand or cement is the right consistency by squeezing it in a ball. If it stays in place, it is the right consistency. Make sure to use gloves and knee pads and spread the sand or cement into the area with a trowel. Ensure the area is flat and that every concrete slab will be level and supported.

Start laying the first concrete paverdown into the sand or cement and make sure each one is straight. Once the slab is in the right position, use a special hammer to tamp it down. Ensure the slab does not rock back and forth when struck and that it stays firm. Follow the same process with other cement pavers, and keep checking that each one is level and stays firmly in the cement.

Making a pathway with concrete pavers can be a fulfilling project that will improve the beauty and functionality of your back yard.

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