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Concrete Pavers Make Great Floors in Outdoor Living Areas


Outdoor living spaces are being transformed into luxurious extensions of the house. They’re the new favorite room to relax, entertain, and cook. Whether it’s the patio, pool deck, and even the driveway, outdoor living spaces areas should be given the same importance as the house’s interior design.

The base to any fully functioning outdoor space is the flooring. The flooring should be made of tough yet versatile material so it can withstand the wear and tear of the outdoors and at the same time, provide a nice ambiance for gatherings and occasions.

Concrete pavers are probably the most popular and practical choice for outdoor floors because it is inexpensive and easy to apply. Builders, contractors, and even homeowners can easily install concrete pavers whether it is a new project or if you’re simply doing a little patio or pool remodeling. You can also choose among numerous designs-from stamped to textured; from big to small. Stamped pavers, in particular, get the look of flagstone, brick and many other patterns when stamp patterns are pressed into freshly poured concrete.

Patios with concrete pavers for floorings can look like natural stones. Manufacturers can make stamps that perfectly imitate slate, flagstone, brick, cobblestone, and more. You can also color concrete pavers to match it with the color scheme of the house. The maintenance of this type of paver is easy and hardly requires any effort.

Brick pavers, though they’re a little more expensive than concrete, is still a popular choice among designers, builders, and homeowners. They last for a very long time and they greatly appeal to almost every design aesthetic. Brick pavers are great for walkways, driveways, and patios. It adds a level of quality and elegance to a home entrance that cannot be achieved with either concrete or asphalt. Brick pavers also come in many different colors and shapes allowing for unique color schemes and patterns to be achieved. It can also be used for pool decks but they need to be treated with an insulating solution so it won’t get too hot during the summer.

One last note about this paver is that bricks can crack easily during shocks. But the upside to this is that broken brick pavers can be recycled for walls and other indoor or outdoor projects. Maintenance is also minimal for brick pavers so it is still a practical choice.

Interlocking pavers are the alternative choice when bricks are out of the question. These pavers are made of concrete and can absorb shocks to certain degree. They come in many shapes and sizes, and installation is easier as compared to brick pavers. Interlocking pavers have been around since the ancient times. Some roads in Italy still have the original interlocking pavers, which mean they will last for a very long period of time.

For people with bigger budgets, flagstones and natural stones can never go wrong. They are durable and they are undoubtedly elegant-looking. The installation will take a longer period of time but the wait is worth it since the floor will even outlast the house.

Outdoor floorings need to fulfill two requirements. One, it has to last long, and two, it has to look good. Today’s materials can fulfill both roles. It’s only a matter of choosing which material to use for your outdoor living space.